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FREE to Schools Programme

FREE to Schools Programme Every lunchtime the Pre-Prep children are now racing through their meal so that they can see which of the 12 different characters is printed on their plate! Each of the times tables has its own character: pictured here with Lowenna (Year 2 CP) is Tiny Seven Squeaks; Madame Two Moos and Goatee Ten Beards are firm favourites already.

theMultiples' TimesTablePlates are already in over 100 primary and preparatory schools in the UK

And now, to celebrate the publication on iTunes (and in hard copy) of the new theMultiples' book and iBook, we're repeating a highly successful FREE for SCHOOLS PROGRAMME that we piloted at Wetherby Pre-Prep school a couple of years ago, when, after the Head teacher sent a note to parents about the offer, nearly every parent bought, on average,
 all 12 of theMultiples' plates ONLINE for their children to use at home, and we were able to fully stock the school's dining room with nearly 300 of theMultiples Times Table Plates, donated by us, for FREE!

So now we are offering a Multiples' plate, bowl or tumbler FREE to schools when parents of children at their school buy the Book, or any product from this Meet theMultiples Online Shop, so we're donating  a free plate, bowl or tumbler for every 2 plates, bowls or tumblers bought on THIS website.

All parents have to do is to put "YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL NAME" in the comments box on check out,
and we'll get your school's beautiful new plates, bowls and tumblers to into your school dining room,
donated FREE. 

So what are you waiting for? Just pick "AN ORDER ONLINE BY [insert date]",  let your your parents know about it,  and we will deliver within 7 days to fill your school's dining room, and your parents' dining rooms at home, with beautiful, practical dinnerware, that supports numeracy, literacy, emotional
intelligence - and role model learning: just like it used to be: socially around the dining table!

Prices for Schools

If you can't wait for your parents to buy so that you get wonderful theMultiples dinnerware for your school FREE, here are our heavily discounted school prices so that you don't miss out:

UK enquiries: shop@meetthemultiples.com   Telephone:    01273 906603

Any 108 theMultiples Times Table Dinnerware Pieces + 10 Books:  £375    including VAT
Any 216 theMultiples Times Table Dinnerware Pieces + 20 Books:  £713    including VAT
Any 324 theMultiples Times Table Dinnerware Pieces + 30 Books:  £999    including VAT

Other quantities, please contact for a quote